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Decision Time in Nuremburg

What to do with the Max Morlock Stadion? That's the question facing planners in Nuremburg as a feasibility study into the distinctive, octagonal-shaped stadium's future is commissioned.

It's become apparent that the former World Cup venue is becoming too expensive to maintain with costs now topping €4 million a year, and a plan about what to do about it is needed. One option on the table is to completely demolish the stadium and start again - although, given it's iconic status, this is unlikely. 1.FC Nürnberg's Commercial Director Niels Rossow believes a renovation is more likely, suggesting an "holistic upgrade" is a better way forward and his vision includes a major sports centre built within the current main stand to provide facilities for a number of clubs in the city - not just the Bundesliga.2 side.

At the end of the day however, Herr Rossow's opinion won't count for much as the Max Morlock Stadion is owned by the city of Nuremburg and it's they who have commissioned the report to establish the options going forward. 1.FC Nürnburg, as the stadium's current tenants, will only be consulted after the findings are published in the autumn.

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