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Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Despite finishing bottom of Bundesliga.2, Dynamo Dresden are doing anything but preparing for life in the 3.Liga. The club has allegedly approached the DFL, which runs the top two divisions, with a proposal which would see them avoiding relegation and playing a further season in the second division.

The substance of their complaint is that they were adversely affected by the positive Coronavirus tests that four of the players had just before the re-start of the German season in the middle of May. As a result the entire squad went into quarantine for a two week period, whilst their competition played the first two of the nine outstanding matchdays when the German season was interrupted in mid-March. With the dates for finishing the season set in stone, this left Dynamo having to play the remaining games in only 28 days, unlike the 42 days everyone else had, something they deem prejudicial to their chances of avoiding relegation. One proposal is to play next season’s Bundesliga.2 with 19 team but it has also been mooted that relegation should be suspended all together and fellow 'Absteiger' Wehen Wiesbaden also retaining their status in the Bundesliga.2 for next season. This one may run for a little while as the DFL ponder how to deal with this tricky and rather unique situation.

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