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For Everything Eintracht ... There's Mastercard

More science and tech for football fans to get their head around we're afraid. Bundesliga giants Eintracht Frankfurt have partnered up with global payment services provider Mastercard to enable fans to use contactless services at Deutsche Bank Park. Along with stadium sponsor Deutsche Bank, Eintracht and Mastercard have developed a new mobile payment system which will be implemented into a new app over the coming months.

Once the new system has been rolled out, fans and other visitors to Deutsche Bank Park can use their smartphone to make mobile and contactless payments anywhere in the stadium. The app will work independently of banks and enable users to enter a free, virtual debit Mastercard from Deutsche Bank, which is automatically linked to the respective current account of their own bank. The cards won't need to be topped up and will be securely stored in visitors’ smartphone wallets. The app will also allow users to make purchases elsewhere in the Rhine-Main area.

Eintracht said the service built by EintrachtTech is a “smart region application” that is designed to promote digital payments and strengthen retail in the Rhine-Main area. Users of the app will benefit from the usual sports-related features, along with other services such as tickets for public transport.

Timm Jäger, managing director of EintrachtTech, said: “Thanks to our new app, which will be launched soon, and the interaction between EintrachtTech, Deutsche Bank and Mastercard, we are opening up new possibilities for cashless, contactless payment for ourselves, our followers and regional retailers. This will simplify many processes when visiting the stadium and in everyday private life.”

Peter Bakenecker, division president in Germany and Switzerland for Mastercard, added: “Today, consumers expect digital solutions that enable simple, convenient and secure payment anywhere. This also applies to the stadium and other public areas such as public transport. We are all the more pleased that we as a technology company, together with our long-term partner Deutsche Bank, are able to cater to the needs of every individual in the Rhine-Main region by providing such a smart payment system for Eintracht Frankfurt.

Eintracht will also work with Mastercard on further EintrachtTech’s ‘Arena of IoT’ digital centre led initiatives, with Mastercard also supporting the promotion of Eintracht’s women’s team as part of its agreement with the club.

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