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Maybe they should have cancelled the game after all ?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

it won’t be often that Uefa Nations League qualifiers will have many ramifications beyond the match itself, but tonight’s 6-0 demolition of Germany by a rampant Spain could well be one of those games. Manager Joachim Löw was already under pressure and and this result will have done everything to increase it to the point where it may become unbearable. Before the game he had received a semi “vote of confidence” from team manager Oliver Bierhoff who had said the question of the coach would not be discussed until after next year’s Euros. It is inconceivable after tonight’s game that those conversations won‘t be taking place in the offices of the DFB with immediate effect.

Spain got off to a great start with an early goal from Morata, who was unmarked at a corner, but already Spain, and Morata in particular, had shown themselves to be the more creative and enterprising of the two sides. Whilst the scoreline makes for grim reading (it is Germany’s worst defeat for almost 90 years), it was the limp and lifeless performance that made this such a remarkable game. With the score still at 1-0 and the contest very much alive Leroy Sane was in a good position on the right yet dribbled himself into trouble and lost the ball. Two minutes later he did exactly the same. Within 10 minutes Spain were 3-0 up and the game was over.

If anything, 6-0 flattered Germany as they were utterly outclassed all over the pitch. Spain had a legitimate goal disallowed, Manuel Neuer made several crucial saves in one on one situations and Spanish attackers had moments of indecision where they should have exploited opportunities to increase their lead. Time and again the German defence was cut to ribbons.

The final tally of 23 Spanish shots to only two by Germany, together with 69% possession of the ball, gives an indication just how dominant Spain were. And conversely how inept Germany were. It is difficult to know where the national team goes from here, given that this was pretty much the first choice side. For a manager for whom everything has gone wrong since 2018 this may well be the game that seals his fate as the calls for his head (Löw raus) grow by the day.

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