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Stadium Expansion Approved in Frankfurt

Fresh from their Europa League triumph, Eintracht Frankfurt have 11,000 more reasons to celebrate after plans to expand their Deutsche Bank Park stadium was approved by city authorities. Eintracht first spoke about the expansion back in 2017 and the idea is add 11,000 standing places by transforming the north-western end of the stadium into a large standing terrace like Dortmund's iconic 'Südtribüne'. Only five German stadiums are capable of holding more than 60,000 fans - six if you include the old Olympiastadion in Munich. Of course UEFA will get involved and make sure that all their VIPs and sponsors are taken care of but the revamped Deutsche Bank Park will still have a capacity of at least 54,000 in time for Euro 2024. Deutsche Bank Park continues the tradition of Waldstadion (Forest Stadium), which stood on the same site since 1925. It has been modernised several times since then, and prior to the 2006 World Cup the old facility was demolished. The Germans built a modern arena in its place, characterised by a retractable roof and a 7 tonne video screen over the centre circle.

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