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The season starts...with fans!

Tonight sees the opening fixture of the 2020-21 Bundesliga season with champions FC Bayern Munich looking to start off a ninth consecutive title wining campaign against FC Schalke 04 at the Allianz Arena. Of the remaining eight games, five are kicking off at 15.30 (German time) with a tea time game to follow and then the schedule is rounded off with two games on Sunday afternoon. all those games not taking place at the traditional Saturday afternoon slot will be shown live on BT Sport in the UK.

There has been several development on fan numbers allowed to attend each game and the individual states, in consultation with teh DFL, agreed a unified approach, which would allow up to 20% of the stadium to be occupied. However this was only put in place a few days ago and not every club has been able to put the processes in pace to allocate tickets as per the permitted levels now.

All of which means that the only game this weekend that will feature no fans at all is the opener tonight in Munich. The remaining games will have varying levels of fans in attendance, as below:

Eintracht Frankfurt 6,500

Union Berlin 4,300

FC Köln 9,200

Werder Bremen 8,500

VfB Stuttgart 8,000

Borussia Dortmund 10,000

RB Leipzig 8,500

VfL Wolfsburg 500

This latter fixture was permitted a greater number of fans in attendance (5,200) But due to the constraints of time only 500 will be there.

There are some regional conditions on the number, all of which are maximums so may not reflect true actual number of fans that go. For instance at RB Leipzig’s game all the fans must live in Saxony. 75% of the fans at Dortmund’s game tomorrow evening must live in Dortmund with the remainder available to other parts of North Rhine Westphalia.

Whilst these restrictions are far from ideal, they do, in the eyes of most, represent considerable progress from where the position was when the Bundesliga concluded at the end of June. It hopefully marks the beginning of a process that will see full stadia at some point in the future.

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