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Toni Leistner goes all Cantona

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Hamburg defender Toni Leistner had already had a miserable evening as his side went down 4-1 to Dynamo Dresden in the first round of the DFB Pokal. However it got worse after the final whistle as he was waiting to do a post match interview with Sky. Before the interview got underway he heard some insults coming from a supporter in the main stand at the Rudolf Harbig Stadion in Dresden.

The red mist then descended and Leistner climbed into the stand to confront the fan in question. He was finally restrained by other supporters having grabbed the fan and shoving him to the floor. Eventually stewards reacted to the incident and forced him to leave the stand.

He than carried out the planned interview, clearly irritated with what had happened. Leistner, who comes from Dresden and started his career at Dynamo, later apologised but said that the insults aimed at his family, wife and daughter were “below the belt”. After what he described as an already emotional game for him his fuse blew, but he vowed that something like that would not happen again, no matter what insults were thrown his way.

The game took place before 10,000 fans, the biggest attendance at a post Corona event. Dynamo Dresden were also embarrassed by the incident and are reportedly trying to identify the supporter who insulted Leistner. It is likely that the player will also face some punishment from the DFB which is carrying out an investigation and will act before Hamburg’s league opener at the weekend.

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